Montgomery and Springbank Classic Small Boats

Classic small boats for adventure by Global Projects Yachting in Jervis Bay Australia - these classic dinghies have stood the test of time. Having owned an original US built Montgomery 6-8 dinghy for nearly 30 years we are convinced that they are one of the best 'small' hard tenders available.

The Springbank 15' daysailer proved popular in the 70's with good reputation for safe and fun family sailing. When we went looking for a daysailer for our own use it was easy to see that the Springbank met all the criteria for a safe and fun family daysailer. Our search located the original moulds which we were able to purchase and refurbish during 2007 allowing us to produce a new generation of this popular Australian designed daysailer. They are an attractive boat with a nice heritage, pleasing lines and good sailing characteristics. The current version gives a new lease of life to a great classic daysailer. Since 2012 the Springbank 15' has been selected as the boat of choice for the Australian Navy Cadet Adventure sailing program.

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Springbank 15' (4.5m)

The Springbank is the big boat in our classic clinker dinghy range - A popular class with a great heritage - Originally designed by Geoff Cowap, an Englishmen who settled with his family in Australia. The Springbank was inspired by traditional craft he had known as a youngster in the Southcoast of England, designed specifically to introduce his family to sailing and built in clinker timber construction the "Black Pig" was an instant success and much admired. Tooling was produced to allow them to be built in fibreglass and a production run set in motion that was to continue for over 10 years seeing a steady stream of sparkling new Spingbank's head out to new owners all over Australia.

Since 2007 the new generation Springbank is built to the original design though refining the fiberglass laminate to save a little weight. Construction is female moulded hand-laminated clinker fiberglass with gloss gelcoat finish to the hull exterior and internal deck and cockpit mouldings. Easily cleaned and long lasting for low maintenance with outstanding durability. The cockpit side seats floor and foredeck are sealed fibreglass chambers with built in rigid foam buoyancy. The plywood swing center-board and kick up rudder allows shallow water cruising as well as easy launch and retrieval from a trailer or beach.

The Springbank is fitted out with solid teak thwarts and trim; an extremely durable and attractive boatbuilding timber that provides classic looks and is practical and easy to maintain with a traditional style.

Complete with Aluminium mast, gaff and boom. White Dacron mainsail and jib (Std)with bronze hanks. Fiberglass centerboard case and marine ply center-board and rudder. All deck gear and equipment is top quality Ronstan fittings, blocks and cleats. Stainless steel rudder fittings. Dacron rope running rigging for sheets and halyards, stainless steel standing rigging with spectra lacing lower connections. Foredeck cleat and one pair of bronze oar lock sockets installed.

A generous sized storage locker is forward of the mast under the foredeck for central location and easy access of safety and cruising gear. The Springbank is a charming boat evoking the mood of a bygone era whilst being easy to sail, stable and well mannered with good performance. Springbanks can plane in a breeze with the capacity for a family, a couple or even single hander to day-sail, picnic or camp cruise safely and in style.

Principle Dimensions:

4.51 m - 15'
1.77 m - 5.11'

Springbank Options:

  • Galvanized road trailer
  • Bronze Rowlocks and Oars
  • Spinnaker
  • Transom outboard pad
  • Anchor with chain and rope

Montgomery 6-8

This traditional clinker (lapstrake) dinghy is ideal for a yacht tender or just for messing about in with oars or small outboard motor. (Sail and leeboard option is possible)

The design has been built on the US for over three decades and is now available Made in Australia. Originally designed by renowned yacht designer Lyle Hess and built for many years by Jerry Montgomery in California the boat has a proud heritage.

... excellent quality ... looks good, tows well, carries a load, easy to get in and out of ... I will happily recommend the Montgomery to my cruising friends ...
RB, Sydney

The boats are individually made using female molded hand-laminated fiberglass with high quality gloss gelcoat exterior finish and a waxed gelcoat interior for low maintenance and outstanding durability. The two main seats are sealed fiberglass tanks that provide buoyancy. The forward thwart and timber trim is made from solid teak: simple to look after with traditional style and quality. Light and easy to transport on roof racks or even inside a standard station wagon.

The Montgomery 6-8 comes complete with stainless steel bow towing eye as well as three davit lift points and one pair of chrome oarlock sockets fitted.

"We think the Monty is the best small 'hard' dinghy available" - great stability and good capacity for two to three and rows easily while carrying crew and gear out to the boat or exploring and discovering your local waterway or next exotic anchorage

Principle dimensions:

2.020m - 6'8"
1.145m - 3'10"

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